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Got a phone case with a compartment on the back for cards and a little cash, and I just keep anything else (tampons, eyedrops, extra hairties, really not much) in my car water proof backpack and a little pouch at work in my desk. Only time I need a bag is if I bringing my laptop somewhere and that pretty rare for me, so I opted to incorporate more pockets into my wardrobe and just carry my phone and car keys most places I go.And I gotta say, it feels so free to not have to carry a bag. I know that isnt practical for everyone, but other than a nice looking backpack for my laptop and a beach tote for taking my dogs to the lake, I bag free and loving it.just had to replace my backpack (went with a small Matt and Natt one for those curious) and I specifically bought it because it easily comes off and on and it small enough that I can sit down on the subway with it on odd requirement, but damn I get anxious when there a spot open during rush hour and people are getting on.I carry stuff in my bag because I need it, I can get access to anything on my back.

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