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Yes, it is gambling.

Is poker gambling?
Yes, any time you bet on the outcome of something it is considered gambling. (edit) There are two main definitions of gambling. a. To bet on an uncertain outcome, as of a contest.b. To play a game of chance for stakes. in regards to A. poker is an uncertain outcome because you do not know what the other person has, so you do not know if you win or lose until the end. This is...

Where might one find online poker and gambling services?
There are plenty of places in order for one to find out poker and gambling services on the internet. One might want to check out the best website for poker and gambling service like PokerStars.

Is black jack a poker game?
No. Though a cardroom gambling game blackjack bears no relation to the Poker. Poker is a specific series of hand valuation and manner of play.

A Chinese gambling game?
I believe Pai Gow poker is Chinese in origin.

Is playing poker for fun considered gambling?
Any time a game is played for money or for any kind of wagering it is considered gambling.

What is the most popular gambling game in the world?
It's probably Blackjack, Craps, or Poker.

Is online poker legal in India?
Although the game is considered legal in most Indian states, there are some states which consider poker as gambling and hence the game is not permitted by law. Online gaming is primarily monitored under The Public Gambling Act, 1867. However, most state laws exclude 'games of skill' like poker from being considered as gambling. In the modern era, states like Nagaland & Sikkim have implemented specific online gaming laws in order to make the industry...

What are some Chinese gambling games?
Chinese Mahjong is a Chinese gambling game that involves strategy and calculation. Other popular Chinese gambling games include Chinese Fan-Tan and Pai Gow poker.

Can the knoker loose in the poker game thirtyone?
Yes but i wouldnt get your knooker out while gambling. Especialy if it is 3.1 inches!

Can people become gambling addicts from online poker?
People in some cases can become gambling addicts from poker if they don't control their usage and it gets out of control. If you're responsible and set your self limits its hard for you to become a gambling addict to online poker.

Roulette is called the devils game why?
Roulette is a game played only for the purpose of gambling. It involves no skill or strategy, Sweet Bet Casino - Online Gambling in the USA it is a matter of pure chance. It is only about the money, won or lost, and people who get seriously involved in gambling usually wind up losing, in the long run (and the casinos, which are in the business of making a profit, have designed their games so that this will happen). So, many people have lost...

What other forms of gambling are there?
3 main types of gambling are: Gaming (Poker, Blackjack, Slot Machines, etc.), Betting (Literally. Like betting on horses) and Lottery.

Is poker bad?
No. Poker is simply another form of entertainment. Like most hobbies it can also be done professionally. A gambling addiction is however bad. Though this is not unique to poker as addictions can be formed to any number of activities.

What is a casino without poker?
A casino. Not all casinos have poker, blackjack, or craps. A casino is a gambling establishment.

What recreational activities did sailors do in the 19th century?
They probably played gambling games like poker and black jack, as well as chess.

Is poker a fun game?
Poker is a game of thinking So if u like to think about how to win then it would be fun to you

Can you ask about poker in WikiAnswers?
Yes you can. There is a category for Poker questions. You will find it by going through the following categories: Entertainment & Arts > Gambling > Casinos > Poker

What is imported to Nevada?
Gambling items and poker chips for the casinos.

What are benefits playing the Cara menang main poker game?
Online poker is the attraction players and at times it makes them loose and at times it makes them gain financial benefits. Cara menang main poker allows you to gain benefits and can be earned with the gambling game. You need to know few tricks in order to win and earn money in such games.

How do you play Texas holdem poker?
Texas Hold'em poker is most famous variation of Poker. Played with two whole cards and five cards on deck (3 on flop, one each on turn and river). You can find very simple explanation of this game at Contrary to common belief poker is not just game of luck or gambling. It involves fair bit of strategy, knowledge of probability, game play and player reads. You can improve your game by constant practice and...

Is poker dangerous?
Poker in itself is just another card game and thus can't be inherently dangerous. The game is however often played for money and constitutes a form of gambling. Thus, for most players, it is no different than any other form of gambling. The possible danger is thus addiction. Any player who may be addicted, or in danger, should seek help as soon as possible. For the vast majority of players however poker can be played...

Is online poker illegal?
It will depend entirely on where you are in the world. In some countries, in Asia for example, gambling of any kind, online or not, is illegal. In the UK poker is legal online providing you have the right license. In the US it is a bit of a grey area. Poker, or gambling in general, is not illegal. However the online transaction of money for the process of gambling IS illegal. To get around...

What type of games would a piker like to be involved in?
Poker players like a verity of games. Some of these involve gambling others just play for sport. Some examples of poker games are Texas Hold-Um, 5 Card Stud and Horse.

In the movie Lucky You what is the movie about?
gambling The movie "Lucky You" is basically about poker.

What is the song where Percy is gambling in the movie?
poker face by lady gaga.

What license do you need to run a poker tournament?
General Gambling License

What has the author Mason Malmuth written?
Mason Malmuth has written: 'Fundamentals of Craps' 'Fundamentals of Video Poker' 'Gambling Theory and Other Topics' -- subject(s): Gambling systems, Games of chance (Mathematics) 'The Fundamentals of Poker'

What are some good poker sites for children?
There are no good poker sites for children, children should not be encouraged to gamble, which is what poker is. Gambling is very addictive and not everyone can control their addiction.

Is Blackjack a type of poker?
It's a card game but nothing like poker-same thing as 21.

In poker why is a full house called a boat?
Perhaps something to do with riverboat gambling?

Where can someone find poker stars?
Poker stars can often be found in high stakes poker tournaments. These tournaments are often held in gambling cites such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Free online poker playing websites?
You can check for the big online poker rooms on gambling portals like Nearly all major poker rooms have also free versions to play. Not just free versions but you can also win real cash in their Freeroll Tournaments

Where can someone play the Bunny Poker game online?
Someone can go to play the Bunny Poker game online at any online website that offers games like strip poker, which is sometimes considered another name for Bunny Poker.

Is poker still gambling?
It depends on who you ask. The country is currently divided on this issue as some will say it is a game of chance, as others will claim it is a game of skill. While in some circles it is considered a sport, many states such as NV, NJ and DE are coming around to accept regulated and legal online poker rooms.

Who invented poker?
It is believed that first version of the game we known as poker was invented by sailors from New Orleans, Louisiana in 1829, with a deck of 20 cards, four players betting on which player's hand was the most valuable. The spread of the game from there to the rest of the country by Mississippi riverboats, on which gambling was a common pastime. The game has come a long way from this original version!

What is shown on Poker Stars Review?
The show Poker Stars Review is very popular. The Poker Stars website reviews outlines instances of cheating and other incorrect practices as it relates to gambling.

Can you play full tilt poker on iphone?
Full Tilt Poker is no longer in operation but before they lost their gambling license they did release both an iPhone and Android poker app called Rush Poker mobile. A number of real money poker apps are now available from a variety of poker rooms such as Bwin, Terminal Poker, mFortune and Switch Poker.

How does one start playing Ladbrokes poker online?
"To start playing Ladbrokes poker online, one must sign up online on an online gambling website. Then, you pick a forum or a room and begin playing. Make sure it is an approved game before you begin playing."

How can one learn the rules of playing poker before going to a casino?
One could look up the rules of playing poker online or could play and virtual game of poker on their computer using virtual money. This will help one learn the rules and also play practice hands before gambling with their hard earned money.

What is poker in game?
there are poker game is tha best game

Where did poker originate?
The exact origins of poker are unclear. It seems to have originated from a 16th century Persian card game known as As Nas. This game was played with 25 cards with 5 different suits. The game played in a similar fashion to modern 5 card stud and possessed similar poker hands rankings, such as three-of-a-kind. When Europeans began to play the game, they called it 'poque' or 'pochen.' While poker's origins may lie in Europe...

What has the author John T Gollehon written?
John T. Gollehon has written: 'All About Games 16mpk' 'Budget Gambling' 'Las Vegas Fun Facts' 'All about Slots and Video Poker (All About... (Perigee Book))' 'All about blackjack' -- subject(s): Blackjack (Game) 'All about Blackjack (All About... (Perigee Book))' 'Casino Fun Facts' 'What casinos don't want you to know' -- subject(s): Gambling, Casinos 'A gambler's little instruction book' -- subject(s): Gambling, Philosophy, Humor 'The confident gambler' -- subject(s): Gambling, Gambling systems 'Gambling's Winning Secrets Uncovered!'...

Where can one find Poker machines?
The places where you can find poker machines are online gambling sites such as 888, Sweet Bet Casino - Online Gambling in the USA bingo halls and pubs and clubs. Poker machines are also found at casinos where there is a range of different types.

What is best site for gambling site to play online poker?
Poker 99 online is a trusted gambling site to play online poker. It emphasizes the satisfaction and convenience of customers with the customer service presence that is readily available in all the 24 hours to assist you in the place you need. Stop waiting and start immediately to play challenging online games.

Who is Jojo Allado?
He is a well-known professional poker player, known for his appearances on gambling TV.

What has the author Michael Wiesenberg written?
Michael Wiesenberg has written: 'The Official Dictionary of Poker' 'Free Money' -- subject(s): Gambling, Poker '1000 best casinos' -- subject(s): Casinos, Directories, Gambling, Games, Nonfiction, OverDrive, Travel 'The Ultimate Casino Guide'

What is the name of the poker game where you place a card on your head?
Indian poker. This is because you look like an Indian with a single feather on your head.

Why is running a business not like playing poker?
Well, running a business is not like playing poker mainly because in business the risks are less than in a game of poker. The margin of error in poker is much lesser, so you always have to be on your guard. Also, luck doesn't play as much of a part in business, as it does in poker.

What are some problems with playing poker online?
One problem that may develop when playing poker online is gambling addiction. Research shows that more individuals who gamble online have gambling addictions than those who visit the land-based casinos. Another issue with online gambling is your opponent may be an automated system versus a human being, at which point, you are immediately at a disadvantage.

Are there free poker games available online?
Poker games are gambling that require betting. If you are just looking for fun and not Sweet Bet Casino - Online Gambling in the USA money then you can play online poker at Grab. But most of the online poker games do require its player to bring real money to the virtual table.

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